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Anonymous Man Wins Record $1.2 Million Slot Jackpot



QUEBEC – It’s not everyday you walk into a casino and turn into an instant millionaire, but that’s exactly what one lucky man got to experience at a Quebec casino. The anonymous man and his family from Saguenay paid a visit to the Casino de Charlevoix they likely will never forget for the rest of their lives as he walked away with one of the largest prizes in Quebec slot history.

The retired man in his 50s, who wishes to remain anonymous, won a record slot jackpot of $1,196,769 at the aforementioned Casino de Charlevoix. The man was playing a Powerbucks slot machine when he won largest jackpot on record at the Casino de Charlevoix.

Even more incredible is that the man won the jackpot despite only inserting $2.25 into the Powerbucks slot machine.

According to Casino de Charlevoix spokesperson, Marc Giasson, the man was probably still in shock from his victory. “He was calm, relatively calm. Maybe it had not quite hit him yet,” Giasson said. This is understandable as not everyone expects to win a million dollars when they visit a casino.

Nevertheless, the man and his family celebrated the win in style. They were invited by the casino’s Chief Operating Officer to enjoy their massive windfall in the casino’s VIP lounge.

Quebec casinos and Loto-Québec’s website have dished out some massive slot wins since 2016. 15 lucky winners people have become instant millionaires by winning cash prizes of $1 million dollars or more.


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