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Chances Casino to be Renamed Playtime Casino



Chances Casino Mission Gateway

MISSION – Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has decided that its Chances Casino in Mission, B.C., will be undergoing a rebranding and will be renamed Playtime Casino Mission.

After recently having a conversational event with the community where it outlined its plans on renaming Chances Casino to Playtime Casino Mission, Gateway representatives confirmed that they would be investing an estimated $14 million into the expansion and renovation of this newly renovated casino.

On top of the rebranding, Gateway has said that Chances Casino will be undergoing a complete makeover including the expansion of the casino gaming floor in order to make it more accommodating to larger crowds of patrons. It plans to expand the gaming floor more than double its current size to roughly 30,000 square feet.

Despite making the new casino bigger in size, it will still maintain a more intimate atmosphere and will include more family-friendly activities upon the opening of the rebranded casino.

The expansion of Chances Casino will have a positive impact on the local community as it will create a wealth of new jobs and an infusion of money into local companies.

Stephen has been counting cards since a young age and enjoys all forms of gambling. He is an avid nature lover, and enjoys hiking with his German Shepherd.