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Drive-Through Bingo?



Drive-through bingo

CORNWALL – Normally the Cornwall Bingo Center would be packed with people playing a relaxing game of bingo. However, due to Covid-19, that simply is just not possible. That hasn’t stopped owner, Kim Ladouceur from enabling her customers from enjoying a game of bingo.

In Cornwall, Kim has set up a drive-through bingo hall, where customers eagerly honk their horns to alert staff that they have a bingo. Kim was inspired to offer this to the community in response to Ontario’s stage two re-opening plans that include drive-in theatres to open.

“The drive-ins started back up, so we were like, hmmm, drive-ins? Maybe we can do a drive-in bingo,” Kim said. Kim took this idea and put it into fruition by liaising with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission and city representatives to secure a license, which she received in a matter of days.

On June 22, Kim’s drive-through bingo started its first game and since then, roughly 70 people have shown up for these drive-through bingo games on a nightly basis. While the Cornwall Bingo Center has been closed for over four months now, Kim is hopeful that this drive-through bingo is something to help citizens keep busy and enjoying their bingo.

Stephen has been counting cards since a young age and enjoys all forms of gambling. He is an avid nature lover, and enjoys hiking with his German Shepherd.