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Gamble Responsibly

Set Aside a Bank Roll:

We always recommend that players set aside a sum of money that they are willing to spend. Once you have lost that sum simply walk away from the casino (computer). For example if you tell yourself that you can only afford to lose $50 then you can allow yourself to wager up to $50. Once those funds are gone do not allow yourself to attempt to win the money back. Simply play again another day when hopefully you are luckier.

Only play in Canadian Currency:

You are gambling with real money so why gamble with the currency exchange? Only play in Canadian dollars and you will avoid paying currency exchange fees when you deposit funds and when you cash out. Furthermore you will avoid gambling on whether or not the Canadian dollar chooses to move up or down this week.

Only play in trusted casinos:

There are thousands of online casinos. There is no reason to risk your bankroll by playing at a casino that has a poor reputation. Only play at casinos that offer responsive customer service and a history of fast payouts. You can also use our guide as we take care of this for you.

Learn how to play blackjack and how to play it well:

Too many players choose to play blackjack and do not know the basic skills to this game. If you do not play with the optimal hand you might as well be playing roulette or slots. In reality you would be better off playing slots. Blackjack offers the possibility of winning but only if you learn how to play with the odds in your favor.

Do not play intoxicated:

Never ever play under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Being intoxicated will increase the odds of mistakes being made during table games, as well as increase the odds of you exceeding your bankroll.

Do not get stressed out:

Remember that gambling is done to have fun. Winning is only secondary and it should never be the expected outcome otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure. Have fun and gamble responsibly.