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New Normal for Canadian Casinos



new normal for canadian casinos

With the ease at which the coronavirus has spread throughout the world, it has left many businesses to deal with the challenge of what to do once they are able to open back up again. Without a vaccine being found and made readily available, venues that hold many people in tight quarters will have to re-think the way in which they can accommodate them and agree that there will be a new normal going forward. Among these many venues include the casinos.

Steven Hoffman, a York University professor, says that different provinces in Canada have been hit much harder than others and because of this, restrictions may be loosened for casinos in provinces that have not been hit all that hard.

But, when the casinos do open, gamblers should not expect it to go back to the way it was before. Considering that there still isn’t a vaccine, gamblers should expect to maintain some form of social distancing. This means that casinos will be forced to space out slot machines and perhaps even limit the number of seats on table games.

It’s not that hard to imagine casinos requiring gamblers to wear face masks and perhaps, even gloves. With customers interacting with casino chips that change hands many times during the day, it should also be expected that casinos will install many hand sanitizing stations.

With these possible changes coming to casinos as they open, gamblers should not expect the same type of atmosphere that was once present in casinos. With limited players per table, don’t expect there to be tons of smiles and laughs at the craps table, nor should anyone expect there to be plenty of high-fiving when the dealer busts at the Blackjack table.

While these measures are just tentative and not set in stone yet, casinos have to walk a fine line when it comes to promoting gambling while also protecting the health of their players.

Stephen has been counting cards since a young age and enjoys all forms of gambling. He is an avid nature lover, and enjoys hiking with his German Shepherd.