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Online Gambling a Big Hit in Canada



Online Gambling Popular in Canada Top 10

VANCOUVER – In Canada, online gambling has become a popular alternative than visiting the standard brick and mortar casino. For some, it gives them an outlet to unwind without having to drive a few miles to get to the local casino. Better yet, it allows them to play the game they want, when they want, and from the comfort of their own home.

This on-demand gaming option is an incredibly popular option for Canadians and the statistics back this up. Canada now sits in the top 10 of countries where online gambling is most popular. Analysts expect global revenues of online gambling to hit $500 billion by 2023 and Canada is playing a big part in that.

A big part of why Canada is now in the top 10 countries of online gambling can be attributed to the relaxed regulations that come with gambling in Canada. Unlike our American neighbours, where regulations are a bit more strict, there are a multitude of options to gamble in Canada, both online or offline.

Another reason could be that your classic, brick and mortar, casinos are becoming a less viable option. As we mentioned, online gambling provides a level of convenience that casinos do not. Wait lists for table games are generally uncommon online and the table game you want to play is literally, a click of the mouse away.

The advancement of technology and thus, the level of sophistication that online gambling provides is always improving. This helps to enhance the user experience and an overall enjoyable experience for the online gambler.

Finally, online casinos have the ability to offer cash bonuses to players and new players that casinos simply cannot. Some online casinos will often include a generous sign-up bonus whereby if you deposit a certain amount of money into your account, that online casino will match it up to a certain amount. The idea of free cash is simply one that can’t be ignored when it comes to all the other benefits of gambling online.

Stephen has been counting cards since a young age and enjoys all forms of gambling. He is an avid nature lover, and enjoys hiking with his German Shepherd.