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Slot Machines Joins Poker as Permitted 24-Hour Activity in Alberta



Slot Machine

EDMONTON – According to a Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) decision, slot machines will soon join poker as the only permitted 24-hour activities in Alberta. This decision to increase access to slot machines is a hotly contested one in Alberta and gambling experts are questioning its merits.

Critics of this decision are fearful that increased access to slot machines could be a bad idea for people already addicted to slot machines. They believe that this decision will further exacerbate their addiction and potentially create new slot machine addicts.

Currently, slot machines in Alberta are allowed to operate between the hours of 10am and 3am. The decision to move it to 24-hours will however, be optional for Alberta casinos.

But, according to AGLC spokesperson, Heather Holman, the decision is one that has been clearly thought out, “to be more responsive to consumers and casino operators.” Holmen also stated that allowing 24-hour gameplay of slot machines will bring Alberta in line with other provinces that already allow 24-hour slot machine play.

To combat the critics of this decision, Holmen says that AGLC “is committed to supporting player wellness” and cites the fact that Alberta casinos already have the resources in place to help addicted gamblers.

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