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Bingo Jackpot! Maureen Rogers Wins $250,000



Maureen Rogers Wins Slot Jackpot Winner

TORONTO – Anyone who plays bingo just hopes to finish their card before everyone else and yell out that all-so-familiar “BINGO” phrase. That’s exactly what happened to Fort Erie resident, Maureen Rogers. In fact, she won a cool quarter of a million dollar bingo jackpot from the Delta Bingo & Gaming’s Biggest Jackpot Ever event on Sunday, October 20.

The appropriately named event offered up a grand prize pool of $500,004 to all contestants. In total, there was a total of 445 tickets from all over Ontario, seeking that top $250,000 grand prize.

In the end, Maureen Rogers was the first person to yell out ‘bingo’ and take home the massive payout. For Maureen, she immediately shared the news with her husband over the phone. “He said I scared him because I sounded so crazy,” she said. “He’s pretty darn excited.”

While Maureen took home the big prize, there were other winners as well. Andrene Gardner from Pickering, took home the second prize of $70,000. Laura Gautreau and Elizabeth Mann each took home $30,000 and $20,000, respectively.

Players from all over Ontario had the chance to participate at Delta Bingo & Gaming’s Biggest Jackpot Ever event by qualifying for it. Players had compete at Delta Bingo & Gaming locations for the chance to win themselves a golden ticket and admission into this exclusive bingo event.

For Maureen, she is already planning on spending some of her earnings on her family. She intends on taking a relaxing vacation with her husband and helping out her son with his law school tuition.


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